I haven’t written a blog in quite a while. I guess I’ve become a little tired of hearing people’s reactionary opinions to things and by consequence I’ve become a little bored of spouting my own.   This morning I woke to the news that 85 people had been mown down by a man […]

Critical thinking is a simple concept.  How do we know what we know and how can we be sure it is reliably true?  It is not a new idea.  Socrates is famed for saying that the person who knows most is the person who realises they know nothing.  It is well established within ancient Tibetan […]

This is a ukulele cover of one of my favourite Tom Waits songs. Enjoy!

This week has been, to say the least, a difficult and painful week for many people. Two very important, objective reviews have come out which have scrutinised practice within Health Trusts across the country.  Both made for very uncomfortable reading but I would like to concentrate on the first. This report was the result of […]

So the process of coming to this question has been a little arbitrary, and the title is really as strongly worded as it is to get your attention, but if you stick with me, I hope we can discuss what I think is a hugely important aspect of patient care and informed consent. Non nurses, […]

There’s not a huge amount that qualifies me as an expert on death.  I have never died for a start, and I will only ever do it once, same way that I will only ever be born once (and I don’t ever intend to repeat that again!).  What I do have to give is a […]

Look at this image. What do you see? Is there a real definition between good and evil?