One of the most important pieces of literature the 20th Century gave birth to is, arguably, Franz Kafkas’ metamorphosis.  Now I am not a literary buff and neither do I read German; so I am unable to give you the classical reasons as to why this book is the work of art that the […]

  If religion suddenly took a sudden and acute demise, would there be a need for Humanism? The same could be said for Christianity if every one started to believe in Christ. The same could be said for anything which finds itself without its opposite or its main source of conflict. Much has been said […]

Well it is nearing the end of the first month of 2013.  You might call me a cynic or a realist but I imagine there are a fair few people who are now reeling at the crushing failure at keeping their New Years’ resolutions.  We’ve all done it; began a venture wholeheartedly convinced that we are leaving behind […]

      What is the meaning of life? Or rather, what is the point of being alive? It is a question that many people ask and many more ignore.  For the latter, there is no issue because they are happy to continue existing without asking the question.   For the former the question yields answers […]

  The debate about God seems to be raging and yet ever irrelevant in today’s society. I say irrelevant for good reason. Namely that many of those who choose to spend time aggressively arguing the point either way, seem to be set aside from doing anything productive.  To that end, as I walk down a post religionist […]

We maintain a difficult relationship with the term “vanity”.  That is: the excessive pride in ones appearance or accomplishments as defined in many dictionaries.  I say it is a difficult relationship because we in the western world are very quick to condemn it whilst struggling with the fact that much of what we do day […]

I like every other average person going about their daily business have no interest in entering the debate between creationists and evolutionists. However, wherever there is the opportunity to pick holes where holes are due I will of course oblige. Religion is, one might say, an artistic representation of reality (even if the religious are […]